Monday, July 28, 2014

On Animals

Sweet Liam,

I'd love to tell you I'll blog here more often but I'm busy living life with you and I'd rather do that. In the mean time I'll do my best to blog about things that I hope to remember.

You love animals, I think more than most children. You always want to talk about them, specially whales, sharks, turtles and such. Recently when someone asks you to name an animal you often add a new twist; a silly color. You are such a smart boy and have known your colors for way more than a year, I think this is your silly side coming out and I love it! A few weeks ago you were learning about zoo animals at pre-school, as I went to drop you off one morning before work I noticed a sign that read "What animals live in the zoo?" and each kiddos name had an animal they had named, all were pretty standard and your at the very bottom read "pink cows". Hahaha!!

I hope you always keep your silly side sweet boy!

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