Monday, July 28, 2014

On Animals

Sweet Liam,

I'd love to tell you I'll blog here more often but I'm busy living life with you and I'd rather do that. In the mean time I'll do my best to blog about things that I hope to remember.

You love animals, I think more than most children. You always want to talk about them, specially whales, sharks, turtles and such. Recently when someone asks you to name an animal you often add a new twist; a silly color. You are such a smart boy and have known your colors for way more than a year, I think this is your silly side coming out and I love it! A few weeks ago you were learning about zoo animals at pre-school, as I went to drop you off one morning before work I noticed a sign that read "What animals live in the zoo?" and each kiddos name had an animal they had named, all were pretty standard and your at the very bottom read "pink cows". Hahaha!!

I hope you always keep your silly side sweet boy!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Eye Luff Uuuuu!

Sweet and Silly Liam,

I am so thankful you are a Momma's Boy! I know you may not always be but with each day you run up to me and exclaim Mom-Meeee!!! my heart overflows with joy and thankfulness. You have such a fun and silly side, you simply crack me up!

I have always said I love you  but pointing to my eye, making a heart with my hands and touching your nose. You have always loved this and this summer started making a heart with your hands (it's more like you put the tips of your fingers together but close enough). Lately you have been pointing to your eye and saying "luff" with the heart and pointing to your nose, I laugh which makes you laugh. It's the best part of my day! I call it our secret code! I lay you in your crib after story time and say "are you ready for our secret code?" and you say "YES YES YES!". Heart melted!

Lately your vocabulary is exploding, just this week you said at least three new words! Of course I can only think of one off the top of my head (you suddenly said "Go Nanna's House?"). I know you understand so much more than we realize but when you pick up on things (like realizing it's the day you go to Nanna's house while I work) it just blows my mind. You are growing up so quickly, I know I saw that each time I write you but it seems time manages to find a faster speed each day.

I can not wait for Christmas this year, I know you will so enjoy every part of it! And it's our first Christmas in our home!! I'm tempted to put up the tree early (it's our first year with a fake tree and I'm pretty excited). We'll see if I can convince your Dad!

I love you Liam. You are a special blessing in my life and I don't take one moment with you for granted! Being your Momma is the best part of my life!


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fridays With You

Sweet Liam,

I know I say this just about every time I write you but time is speeding by me at increasing speed.

I may not have mentioned yet that I took a new job, my dream job actually, doing Marketing/PR for an amazing Fitness Facility in our town. I get to pursue my passion, I want so much for you to see that first hand so that you do the same with your life. Follow your dreams and what makes you happy Liam, life is very short! I've always loved health and fitness now I get to be part of a place where people are encouraged to be healthy and it's incredible! Another wonderful perk is that I work four days a week so I get to spend Fridays with YOU! It's been about two months and you are well aware of when Fridays are! We have started a tradition of chocolate chip pancakes and you couldn't be happier! We often just have lazy days in our jammies but I think I'll start setting up some play dates and perhaps we can start going swimming since the cold weather is now here to stay!

I feel so blessed Liam. Our lives are not perfect, I'm not a perfect person or mother but I want you to know that I give my very best to everything I do...some times I fail and that's ok. Not everything in life works out, it's ok to make mistakes and fail. But it's also ok to do your very best and be happy! What I'm trying to say here is find some balance in life, learn to fail and learn from your failures! You do not have to be perfect, no one expects that of you! I do expect you to try your best though. I'll always love you no matter what!

I love you Liam!!!


Friday, November 8, 2013

Funny Things You Do

Sweet Liam,

Life sure has gotten busy! I'm sorry I haven't made the time to write to you but I'm here now. I wanted to write you a quick note and tell you about some of the funny things you do. At least they are funny to me, most of the time.

Today I was told you are articulate for a two and half year old. I guess I didn't realize but I'm proud of you regardless. Some of the cute things you say:

-You still identify most animals by their names; you say "Hi Neigh!!!" to the horses near G'mas house. Also woof for dog, rawr for dinosaurs.
-You LOVE fish (or fishies), you want to see them, watch them (real or cartoon format is ok)
-When you really don't want to do something you say "NO WAY"F-130
-You still copy me when I say "I Love You" (point to eye, make heart with hands and point to you), you also giggle like crazy when I do this.
-You follow me around like crazy, making dinner and you are by my side, blow drying my hair on Friday morning and you are reading a book on the bathroom floor.
-You LOVE when I color or do water colors with you, you point out a dozen times that we did a piece of art together.
-Riding in Daddy's "car" (single cab  F-150) is your heaven, you LOVE it!
-Your a total Momma's Boy and I LOVE it!

I feel like I'm forgetting a dozen things since it's so late.

Two hasn't been the easiest year, I know you want to communicate so much more than you can and you so strong willed that you want your way a lot. We've had some hard days but always know I love you unconidtionally, but I love you enough to teach you to be a well behaved boy. I promise you will thank me one day.

I have loved every moment, even the hard ones, of being your Momma!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy! Happy! Happy!

Sweet Liam,

This passed weekend was labor day weekend, the unofficial end to Summer in MT. Fall is rapidly appraoching so everyone tries to jam one more fun filled weekend in. Our little family was pretty successful if I do so say, we went up to Dadda's Uncle Doug's cabin where lots of family was camping! We drove up early Sunday morning and spent the day just hanging out, little 3yr old cousin Ricky was there and you two had a blast getting seven levels of dirty, it was adorable!

Monday we were all off, after a very short nap I decided you and I should go have some quality time. We went and ate at Burger King sharing some chicken nuggets and fries (you had milk, I had iced tea), as we loaded into the car to run some errands you started saying "Happy! Happy! Happy!" over and over as loud as you could! My heart beamed, you had never even said happy before yet here you were telling me how happy you were to spend time with me. I tear up just thinking about it.

I love you so much Liam. I know I'm not always perfect but I try so darn hard and I hope you always know that. I'm always working to make your life better, happier and filled with more love.

Thanks for being such an amazing little boy, I love you Sunshine!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Current Favorites: 2 yrs 2 months

Sweet, Funny and sometimes Wild Liam!

How I love you kiddo! You are currently in the most fun phase, but then again I think that of all you phases! I was just telling your Dadda this morning that I love that we can still only understand some of what you say, I love your chatter and how you look at us like "right?" I think I'll really miss this time, some day not too far away we'll know exactly what you mean all the time.

With that said here is a random list of things you currently love (in no particular order):

  • Letters! You know a bare minimum of 12 and by that I mean you can say them correctly and point them out at random without being asked, crazy!
  • Giving Hugs! It's the best feeling ever when you run through our house yelling "Momma Momma Momma!!!" and run up to hug my legs, you don't want to be hugged back you just want to give love....I melt!
  • Hearts! I say "I love you" and point to my eye, make a heart with my hands and touch your belly, when you want me to say it you point to me and say "eye, eye, eye!" OR if you want to tell someone you love them you often put the tips of all your fingers together! You did it the other day as we assembled your train for the first time and I about cried!
  • Counting! You aren't great at it but you are always trying to get me to count things by saying "two, two, two" it's adorable!
  • Trains! Oh a boy and his trains! I got you this massive one slightly used, it's complicated to put it together but once it's there you are in heaven! I just lay there on the floor sometimes playing with you, sometimes just watching you.
  • Walks! Especially if I don't make you hold my hand AND if I let you run through mud puddles which I should do more of!
  • Veggie Tails! You love Bob and the songs!
  • Coloring! You still just scribble and you tell me every crayon is "purple" (yes you can say it 100% correctly)
  • Popsicles! Or Pop-poos as you call them, we recently switched to Fro-Yo since you are a bit addicted, but who can blame you it's HOT!
  • Swimming! I can't even count how many times we've gone this summer and ya know what? I think we'll go again this weekend! I love that you love the water!
  • Sleep! You still nap 2-3 hours during the day and sleep 11-13 hours at night (13 on the weekends), your like a tiny teenager and I'm ok with it! Momma loves sleep too!
  • Cows! Anytime we see a cow (such as the cartoon one near the milk at the grocery store) you say "Momma!! MOO!!" We took you to the fair this weekend and we saw huge real cows up close, you were so excited! It was adorable!
Overall you are a pretty normal little boy, you might be a little smaller and a bit shy but that is what makes you Liam and I don't ever want you to be anyone else my sweet boy! There are so many things and people you love, I so enjoy watching you develop into the boy/guy/man/person you will become. There has been no greater joy in my life, no greater blessing than being your Momma! I will say it over and over until I can no longer speak, I love you and I have loved every moment (even the really frustrating ones) of being your Momma!!!


Friday, July 5, 2013

July 4, 2013

Sweet Liam,

We had the best fourth of July! I got up early and went running (7 miles) with our new neighbor friend. I was so happy to see your smiling face when I got home! We ate pancakes and played trains! We even went out and played in the little pool and blew bubbles (your current obsession).

Soon nap time was upon us, you went down for your standard 3 hour nap so I enjoyed a short one hour nap. I had planned to take you to the outdoor pool for ever and finally everything worked out so we could go! When you woke up we quickly dressed you, feed you and our neighbor friend arrived to go with us (she doesn't have kids).

Once at the splash pool (for toddlers) you were in heaven! You loved the slide and all the things that sprayed water! You even got brave enough to go through the big jets that shoot up from the ground! It was the best day!

Love you!